Urgent Team

    “Our goal is to grow volumes and increase consumer engagement, and it is clear Clariture can help us achieve that in new ways.”


Clariture is the smartest path to more of the right patients. You control your target audience. Tell us the qualities of your ideal audience, and watch the system do the rest. Leveraging robust patient and lifestyle profile data, the Clariture platform delivers your message to exactly the right audience. It’s elegantly simple.


Clariture helps you guide people to the care they need in a more connected world. You already have patient information. Put it to use and let us create target patient segments – all HIPAA-compliant and fully opted-in. Clariture also enhances your existing patient relationships by building automated campaigns for ongoing conversations, which drives retention, boosts satisfaction and generates word-of-mouth marketing over time.


Clariture is wickedly smart. Our platform continually helps you optimize your campaigns in real-time. And the more you use Clariture, the smarter it gets and the more successful you become. An easy-to-use dashboard allows you to track results by ad, by channel and by campaign – all in real-time. You can even attribute patient revenue to specific ads. Your marketing efforts will be more effective and efficient.